Pike and Predators is the monthly magazine for the freshwater predator angler. As the name suggests, the main coverage concentrates on all aspects of pike and pike fishing from baits to boats, lures to location. Every month Pike & Predators is full of the latest cutting-edge techniques for this rapidly evolving sport.
There is also plenty of coverage of catfish, zander, perch and eels, along with fishing for predators in other countries.

Coarse Angling Today is the monthly journal for the progressive coarse fish angler in the UK. This magazine broke the mould for coarse fishing magazines in the UK and Ireland. Prior to the advent of CAT, most magazines were dominated by coverage of carp fishing, now our competitors struggle to catch up as we show them that not every coarse angler is a carp angler.
The principal focus in Coarse Angling Today is on fishing for species such as barbel, tench, bream, roach, a small amount of carp and other freshwater cyprinid species, along with some predator fishing.